About Us

America’s Premiere Cardiology-Specific Physician Practice Management Company

Partners First Cardiology is a physician practice management business solution specifically designed for cardiologists who want to be independent while benefiting from the shared services of a world-class management services organization.


Physician practice management companies are sometimes also referred to as management services organizations (MSOs). Traditionally, these organizations provide non-clinical business administration services to private practices for a variety of specialties. Partners First Cardiology is a physician practice management company that has a cardiology practice management solution designed exclusively for cardiologists. For the past several decades, there have been numerous companies dedicated to offering physician practice management. Partners First Cardiology is the first company that specializes in cardiology practices. Our vision is to give cardiologists the freedom and resources they need to deliver the highest-quality patient care available through a trusted partnership of integrated medical services.

Our partnerships leverage the experience of proven business leaders with strong histories of growing healthcare businesses through both acquisitions and de novo strategies that are grounded in a strong core of base operations and sustainable systems and processes.

Founded by Rob Jardeleza, an experienced multi-site healthcare executive who, along with a team of physician and business leaders, Partners First Cardiology can take full advantage of the rapidly shifting trends in cardiology to create significant value for our physician and investor partners.

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If you're ready to take control of your independent cardiology practice and partner with an experienced cardiology practice management team that can help you navigate an uncertain future, we're ready to start the conversation.
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