Cardiology Practice Management

Physician Practice Management for Cardiologists

Physician practice management companies (PPMCs) are sometimes also referred to as management services organizations (MSOs). Traditionally, these organizations provide non-clinical business administration services to private practices for a variety of specialties. Partners First Cardiology is a physician practice management business solution specifically designed for cardiologists.


For the past several decades, there have been numerous companies dedicated to offering physician practice management. Partners First Cardiology is the first company that specifically specializes in cardiology practices. Our vision is to give cardiologists the freedom and resources they need to deliver the highest-quality patient care available through a trusted partnership of integrated medical services.

We offer independence, scalability and preparedness for an uncertain future. Our leadership has the resources and experience to take the time-consuming and financial burdens off our physician partners – so they can focus on providing quality patient care.

Shared Services Model = Independence + Scale

The shared service model will create cost efficiencies, and consolidate negotiating power with vendors and payors across a multitude of activities, including:

  • Business Office
  • Reception
  • Human Resources
  • Medical Records
  • Contracting
  • Scheduling
  • Ancillaries (ie. Cath Lab)

Get the benefits of independent cardiology practice and a shared service model


  • Bridge the gap between employment and private practice with turnkey financial and operational support
  • Limited bureaucracy and increased decision-making authority
  • More time for patient care

Operational support

  • Experienced professional management team, with aligned incentives
  • Gathering and sharing of best practices
  • Leveraging data to make informed decisions

Reduced costs

  • A shared services model ensures access to a full suite of support services, at a lower cost
  • Preferred pricing with vendors due to scale

Increased income

  • Equity ownership in cath labs
  • Coordination and consolidation of testing to optimize reimbursement and convenience for patients
  • Access to capital and combined volume to profitably offer additional services

Improve Your Own Resting Heart Rate

Our experienced cardiology practice management team can help you take control of your cardiology practice and deliver peace-of-mind.

  • Risk Mitgation

    Our risk experts help our partners leverage data to identify opportunities to mitigate risk through value-based contracts, ACOs and more.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Navigate complicated regulatory compliance requirements, including authorization, billing, quality, patient experience, pricing and Joint Commission accreditation.

  • Sustain Profitability 

    Leverage scale efficiencies related to shared services, consolidated contracting, and take advantage of favorable interest rates and capital investment.

Ready To Take Control?

If you're ready to take control of your independent cardiology practice and partner with an experienced cardiology practice management team that can help you navigate an uncertain future, we're ready to start the conversation.
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